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Hello. My name is Christian J Cooke and I am a Photographer. =)

My artistry endeavor dates back roughly 20 years, where I would spend my spare time sitting in the park drawing landscapes and sketching people.  The passion evolved during my eight-year military tenure, as I purchased a point and shoot camera to have with me during my travels.  As duty called, I was fortunate enough to capture breathtaking scenery throughout the continents of North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.  The desire to capture a moment, to have a priceless memory, and to tell a story with a photograph stayed with me for years to come.  My art and photography hit another milestone when my beloved wife gifted me with my 1st DSLR camera, as a Christmas gift several years ago.  Since then, I have been blessed with opportunities to photograph landscapes, weddings, sporting and formal events, family portraits, corporate headshots, and even award winning recording artist.  Many of my recent photographing moments came with the arrival of my precious daughter, Olivia.  I take joy in being an artist and letting my passion continue to drive me.

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